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Special Roofing Profiles with PU (polyurethane) Insulation

The following roof profiles are the latest in roofing and insulation system. It is the most advance bonding of CFC-Free Rigid Polyurethane sandwiched between Precoloured steel sheets and Fire-retardant PVC.

Basic Profile   PE Roof


This long-run profile with Fire-Retarding Rigid PU foam insulation provides excellent heat insulation and superior sound insulation. It is suitable for factories, warehouses, schools, mobile homes and is highly recommended for hot tropical climate. Cost savings maybe realized in the less usage of electricity arising from air-conditioners. Your staff personnel will highly appreciate the new environment with the usage of such product!

"Superior sound insulation & Excellent Heat Insulation resulting in Energy Cost Savings"  


This is the latest innovative Tile Roofing system with Fire-Retarding Rigid PU foam Insulation. By combining the funtional properties of both steel roof sheet & PU foam, Insutile becomes one of the most energy efficient roofing system. This product is excellent for use in residential properties and schools. With this energy efficient roofing, there will be no more heat-stress complaints from family members or parents, staff personnel as well as students!  

"Most energy efficient tile roofing system for residential properties and schools"



To allow our clients to have a wider choices CityTop products are now produced with a wide range of materials, ranging from "Commercial Quality" to "High Performance" materials. To find out more, visit our materials webpage!

As our product range are extensive, it is extremely diifficult to describe all of CityTop products in detail. For more information, please visit our showroom or contact us by email.