CityTop, in its un-tiring effort to bring to our clients customer-focused solutions, is proud to present a wide range of colour coated metal materials for the manufacturing of Metal Roofs and Wall Claddding. Our pre-painted materials range from “Commercial Quality” to that of “High Performance“. All pre-painted raw materials are purchased only from reputable coil coating companies. Metal Roofs
“Know your materials, Know what you are buying.”

“Please be advised, only products with written Mill Warranty Certificates from coil coating companies are Genuine and Reliable.” 
“Insist on your Warranty”
Commercial Quality
Commercial quality pre-painted steel for metal roofs are coated with regular coil coating paint consisting of regular polyester binder with inorganic & organic pigments. For our clients that are looking for economical metal roof or wall cladding systems, this pre-painted material is ideal. However due to the unstable nature of the organic colour pigment, pre-painted steel suppliers or coil coating companies will not provide any written mill warranties on such products.
Like most 
manufacturers, this is the most common pre-painted material used for metal roof and wall cladding.
“Economical Coating System” 
“Move Up
City Top
High Performance
Metal Roof
Wall Cladding
High Performance Pre-painted steel Materials
For the discerning client that is concerned with Colour retention and chalking properties, CityTop is proud to offer products manufactured with high quality top notch materials. Not only do these materials exhibit excellent durable and colour retention properties they are also highly cost effective and affordable. Metal roofs manufactured from high performance materials are excellent for residential/ commercial buildings as well as high profile projects. 
Coating – Super Durable polyester binder with 100% Ceramic Pigments
Warranty – 10 Years (Certificate issued by Mill & CityTop)

PVF2 (Kynar 500)
Coating – Kynar 500 resin with 100% Ceramic Pigment Formulation
Warranty – 20 Years (Certificate issued by Mill & CityTop)
Metallic PVF2 (Kynar 500)
Coating – Metallic finish coating with Kynar 500 resin and 100% Ceramic Pigment formulation
Warranty – 20 Years (Certificate issued by Mill & CityTop)

“Outstanding Colour Retention & Anti-Chalking Properties.”

Elite, PVF2, Metallic PVF2 are trademarks registered by Colourcoil Industries Sdn. Bhd. Permission has been granted for the usage of the names only for CityTop High Performance Products subject to terms and conditions.

“Make PVF2
Ultimate Choice.”
(20 yrs warranty)
For more information, visit our high performance prepainted steel supplier Colourcoil Industries. 

” High Performance Material for High Performance Roofs.”