CityTop also manufacturers a full line of gutter profiles, down pipe accessories to complement your roof system’s requirements:

CT Gutter
This guttering system is usual standard square type and can be easily fixed on all types of roofs using CityTop’s   special gutter clip. By using our special clips, CT Gutter is very easy to assemble and fix. 
“Cost Economical Square Guttering System”

This gutter is roll-formed with curves to give our discerning clients a long seamless joint-free product. The aesthetic look with classy curves makes a difference to beautify your property. By using our special gutter clips, the brackets will be hidden and they will not distract the beauty of EuroGutter. CityTop is the first and only roll-formed manufacturer of EuroGutter profile in Malaysia!
“Unique, Long Seamless joint-free gutter with a beautiful curve”

Special Gutter Clip
CityTop manufacturers its own gutter clips that is easily fixed on to the facia board. The gutters are easily snapped into position with the clips hidden to enhance the beauty of your roof guttering system.
“Hidden Gutter Brackets makes your Roof & Guttering system perfect”

Other Rainwater Accessories
To complete your guttering system, CityTop also manufacturers a full range of accessories such as downpipes, stopend plates, angles & downpipe nozzles to complement CT Gutter as well as EuroGutter.
“Complete your Gutter System with CityTop’s Rainwater accessories”