EUROPANEL™ EP195 System is a concealed fastener flat surface panel used as a soffit, fascia or interior wall application. Due to their simple installation, slot-in panel systems are being used for both, technically and optically sophisticated facades on new buildings and for reconstructions with rear-ventilated curtain facade structures. The slot-in panel systems of facades are characterized by a finely structured flush mounted structure. Depending on design aspects, the panels can be also be installed vertically, horizontally or diagonally.




This specification summary is prepared to aid consultants/designer in specifying and dealing metal sheet cladding system. It shall be read in conjunction with other relevant technical specification.

  Profile : EUROPANEL™ EP195
  Design : Parallel Panel can arrange can arrange to Horizontally or Vertically
  Thickness : 0.54 mm to 0.70 mm (TCT)
  Panel Length : 4000 mm
  Base Materials : Aluminium
  55% Aluminium-Zinc Coating AZ 150
  Finishes Coating : Aluminax® PVF2 Series™
  Metallic PVF2 Series™
  PVF2 Series™
  Kristalmatt Series™
  Elites Series™


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