Special Roofing Profiles with PE (polyethylene) Insulation

CityTop manufacturers the following roof profiles bonded with fire-retardent polyethylene (PE) foam and aluminised polyester film facing. The closed cell structure of cross-linked PE foam promotes heat insulation and inhibits moisture vapour permeability to maintain heat insulating properties over a long period of time. PE foam is resistant to heat, adverse weather conditions and most chemicals.

Product Name Profile
Top Deck™ Plus Top Deck™
Euro Tile™ Plus Euro Tile™
Curve Deck™ Plus Curve Deck™
Euro Wave™ Plus Euro Wave™
City Seal™ Plus City Seal™
Lok Deck™ Plus Lok Deck™
  Clip Deck™

Typical Cross-Section
Thermal Conductivity: 0.029Kcal/mh°C
Density: 0.025g/cm³